Be aware that several of the pleazers on the page involves close contact – only recommended with your family at home during the COVID-19 pandemic (and only if everyone in the household is symptom free).


Active breaks with your family at home. Click on any pleazer below to get started.


Short combat exercises in pairs to put a smile on your face and increase your attention.

Are you 3 people or more in your family? Try to trick each other to make mistakes.

Mind and Brain

Challenge your coordination skills to prime your brain and increase information-processing.

Take a calm break and clear your mind with a 5-8-minute mindfulness session.


Choose 3 or 6 quick dynamic stretching exercises to loosen up sore muscles and work your pain.

5 minutes effective workouts to increase your blood flow and keep your body strong.

6-8 minutes work-outs with elastic bands.

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